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5 Places You Can Spend Crypto in LA The Comedy Store - Grab a laugh and pay with Bitcoin. Urth Caffe - Enjoy a

5 Places You Can Spend Crypto in LA

  The Comedy Store - Grab a laugh and pay with Bitcoin.
  Urth Caffe - Enjoy a

It’s a bold new world out there as far as options for new-age payment systems go. Between things like mobile payment apps, e-wallets, and contactless payments, there are now more ways than ever to use digital services to pay for just about anything. As the most progressive among them, cryptocurrency was a slow starter when it came to mainstream acceptance as a payment, but that’s changing rapidly as many places in LA are proving.

With thousands of cryptocurrencies now in circulation, there are now more choices than ever — many coming with their own unique characteristics, perks, and distinctions that give them value. As cryptocurrencies are now accepted across a wealth of major industries from food and beverage to gaming and many others, here’s a list of five places you can spend your crypto in LA.

Try a Crypto Casino: The iGaming industry has become a leader in the adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method. As the success and popularity of online casinos and sports betting sites soar all over the world, the rise of crypto-centric platforms and no KYC casinos have become the new darling among many gambling enthusiasts from every corner of it. According to gambling and crypto writer Kane Pepi, the success of such casinos stem from their lack of cumbersome signup processes and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies that help provide a more private and anonymous experience for anyone seeking discretion as an iGamer.

Cryptocurrencies have become integral to this regime as their underlying blockchain technology enables quicker and faster payouts, provably fair gameplay, and no need for ID verification and personal details to be provided. Even though online gambling isn’t regulated in LA, many offshore sites are still available to Californians and are accessible from anywhere. Enjoy virtually any card, table, or slot game you can imagine and pay with crypto at one of the many offshore crypto casinos that accept them. Between specialist sites that only accept one type like Bitcoin or Solana, to many others that are more open-ended, many of the most successful cryptocurrencies in circulation are now accepted as a payment method at crypto casinos.

Rick Caruso Properties: Cryptocurrency is now becoming so popular, especially in crypto-forward states like California that you can even use it for real estate. According to the LA Times, Rick Caruso malls and other properties now accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method for rentals. As a premier real estate company founded by Rick Caruso, Caruso properties have become synonymous with exceptionally crafted premium real estate and five-star hospitality.

The fact that such a company now accepts cryptocurrency speaks volumes of how far digital finance has come. Seen as a means of exchange, a store of value, and a valid means of building crypto holdings, major companies like Caruso provide a sense of added credibility to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Continuing its march forward as the most widely accepted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin payments can now be used to facilitate a variety of transactions for high-end luxury goods — real estate being the obvious highlight among them.

Pop Secret Gallery: With the massive rise of NFTs in the last few years, cryptocurrencies and the art world have become inextricably linked. Ever since 2021, when the famous digital artist known as Beeple sold his NFT art piece titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for a staggering $69 million, NFTs and art have become the product of two seemingly unconnected worlds that have melded into a 21st-century financial juggernaut of innovation and creativity. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that many art galleries around the world now accept cryptocurrency for valuable pieces of art.

Burger King: Many major chains across the food and beverage industry, eCommerce stores, and even car dealerships now also accept cryptocurrency. Among them is good old Burger King which initially began its crypto acceptance journey through a partnership with Binance. It now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies though this service can vary depending on the store and its location.

As one of the biggest players in the fast food industry, Burger King has become an American dynasty that grew into a worldwide franchise. Rivaling the likes of McDonalds everywhere in the world it pops up in, though it began life as a junk food extraordinaire, it’s since grown to encompass many modern and trendier menu items. However, its acceptance of cryptocurrencies also highlights what a forward-thinking philosophy the brand has through its willingness to embrace modern technological and financial advancements.

American Red Cross: Finally, on a more philanthropic note, the amazing work done by the world-famous American Red Cross to assist with things like disaster relief all over the globe is inspiring to say the least. However, as a non-profit humanitarian organization, they rely heavily on donations to keep up that mission. Thankfully, they cater for crypto payments too, so for anyone looking to support a cause that


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