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A recently resigned federal judge is facing allegations of harassing a law clerk and engaging in unwanted, offensive,

A recently resigned federal judge is facing allegations of harassing a law clerk and engaging in unwanted, offensive,

Joshua Kindred, a former attorney for the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, is seen at a conference in 2018. (Photo courtesy Heather Holt) Recently, Joshua Kindred, who resigned as a U.S. District Court judge for Alaska, was found to have engaged in misconduct by the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit. The misconduct included inappropriate sexual behavior with a law clerk, unwanted sexual conduct, and lying about it to the chief judge. The findings were detailed in a 30-page order signed by nine federal judges, which described instances of sexual harassment, vulgar remarks, and attempts to mislead when confronted with complaints. Kindred was found to have created a hostile work environment for his law clerks, including engaging in offensive and abusive sexual conduct. Most of the misconduct was focused on a law clerk who later became an assistant U.S. attorney. Kindred engaged in sexual contact with her on two occasions, with the law clerk alleging that the second incident, which occurred in an Airbnb where Kindred was staying, was non-consensual. Despite Kindred's resignation, the investigation into his behavior continues. The case has been referred to the Judicial Conference to consider recommending impeachment. Impeachment, if pursued and successful, could prevent Kindred from holding high office in the future. Kindred was nominated to the bench by then-President Donald Trump in 2019, with the approval of both Alaska U.S. Senators. Senator Lisa Murkowski has called Kindred's resignation "more than appropriate" and has pledged to work quickly to advance a replacement nominee for consideration. Kindred was sworn in as a judge in early 2020, and complaints against him were brought to the attention of the chief judge in November 2022. Kindred has not publicly commented on the allegations or provided a reason for his resignation.


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