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Fires in the Denali and Fairbanks areas of Alaska are causing disruptions for tourists and local communities.

Fires in the Denali and Fairbanks areas of Alaska are causing disruptions for tourists and local communities.

Smoke from the Riley Fire covers mountain slopes near the main entrance of Denali National Park and Preserve on Monday evening. A plane involved in the firefighting effort is seen flying over the area. The closure of the park due to the fire has disrupted the peak tourist season at one of Alaska's top destinations. A wildfire has led to the closure of Denali National Park and Preserve, forcing the evacuation of employees and shutting down visitor access. This fire, known as the Riley Fire, broke out over the weekend and has already burned 388 acres as of Tuesday. The closure of the park's main entrance has caused significant disruptions during what is typically the busiest period for visitors. The park usually sees 3,000 to 5,000 visitors daily during this time, but the current situation has led to reduced activity and power outages in nearby commercial areas. Despite the disruption caused by the Riley Fire, access to other parts of the park remains open. Climbers are still active on Denali, and fly-in access to the western part of the park is unaffected by the fires. In addition to the Riley Fire, the McDonald Fire south of Fairbanks is the largest wildfire in the area since 2004. Smoke from this fire, along with other wildfires north of Fairbanks, has led to air quality advisories in the region. Overall, 315 wildfires have burned approximately 460,000 acres in Alaska as of Tuesday. Firefighters, both local and from the Lower 48, are working to contain these fires and benefit from a recent pay increase to address workforce shortages. The cause of the Riley Fire is still under investigation, and efforts are ongoing to manage the impact of wildfires in various parts of the state.


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