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How to improve the soil quality on an island with volcanic ash | INDIE ALASKA

How to improve the soil quality on an island with volcanic ash | INDIE ALASKA

Marion Owen learned the benefits of gardening from her mom as a child. Now living in Kodiak, Alaska, Marion is using compost to improve the island's soil and create her dream garden paradise. Indie Alaska is a video series produced by Alaska Public Media in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. This episode was supported by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Produced by: Valerie Lake Matt Faubion Eric Keto Valerie Lake, originally from California, joined Alaska Public Media in 2017. She creates video content for the station's TV and digital platforms and oversees the Production Department. Before Alaska, Valerie worked as an ENG Editor at WRAL-TV in North Carolina and served in the U.S. Air Force as a TV and Radio Broadcast Journalist. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, skiing, backpacking, yoga, and traveling. Matt Faubion, a multimedia journalist at Alaska Public Media in Anchorage, can be reached at mfaubion@alaskapublic.org. Learn more about Matt here.


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