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How to remain cool in Lexington this summertime without breaking the bank

How to remain cool in Lexington this summertime without breaking the bank

LEXINGTON, Ky. (BNN)-- Many people stay inside to keep cool in the summer but do not consider how to beat the increased energy expense that might feature it.

According to a report by the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, regular monthly utility bills through September are expected to typical $719 in the U.S., the greatest average in 10 years.

" Raising your thermostat setting by just one degree can save as much as 4 to 7% on the cooling part of your energy bill," stated Daniel Lowry, Kentucky Utilities (KU) representative.

KU stated the real rate is not altering, however people are touching the thermostat more frequently. Altering your air filter monthly and setting your thermostat to the most comfortable setting when you are at home can help cut the cost.

" Make sure you close those blinds, close those drapes and drapes so that keeps the sun out of your house, utilizing ceiling fans to cool you down," said Lowry.

Making the most of energy performance programs is helpful and can get rid of the shock you may get when inspecting your costs, said Lowry.


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" If you, if you sort of wish to get that up and down sort of result, you may have a low expense on some months and after that a higher costs on others, you can even it out with our budget plan payment strategy, and so what that does is it type of gives you an average over a 12-month period. So that method, your costs stays the exact same."

KU encourages people to look for other payment choices if an electrical costs becomes too pricey. Going to non-profits throughout your county, like the Community Action Council, can likewise aid with costs relief.


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