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Northern California man caught operating illegal dispensary in massive drug bust

Northern California man caught operating illegal dispensary in massive drug bust

(FOX40.COM) - - A Northern California guy was recently jailed after a search of an illegal marijuana dispensary revealed a huge quantity of drugs including cocaine, Xanax, and chocolate bars including psychedelic mushrooms.

The Yuba County Sheriff's Department said the male, 20 from Yuba City, was selling the drugs under business name "Linda Exotics."
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"If you occur to have bought items from ‘‘ Linda Exotics,' your package will NOT be getting here quickly," the agency stated on Facebook.

On Thursday, Yuba County deputies stated they detained the 20-year-old after catching him attempting to sell over 100 marijuana vape pens out of the state.

Since he was already on probation, deputies were able to search his home, resulting in the discovery of "an enormous quantity" of marijuana, nearly 200 grams of cocaine, and 5,000 Xanax tablets that were all marked for sale.

The man was booked into a Sutter County prison on various possession charges and attempted transport for sale out of state of more than four grams of focused cannabis, the Yuba County Sheriff's Department said.

The drug bust comes days after the Yuba County Sheriff's Department said it seized nearly 10,000 marijuana plants and $60,000 across four locations in the location that were operating unlawful grow operations.


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