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Officials recognize 5 discovered dead inside Uniontown house: I-Team

Officials recognize 5 discovered dead inside Uniontown house: I-Team

UNIONTOWN, Ohio - - The Stark County Coroner's Office states the 5 people found dead inside a Uniontown house Thursday passed away of gunshots..

A spokesperson with the coroner's office likewise released the names of the deceased: Jason Dunham, 46; Melissa Dunham, 42; Renee Dunham, 15; Amber Dunham, 12; and Evan Dunham, 9.

Detectives believe the deaths stemmed from a domestic dispute that turned to disaster. Police is investigating the event as a quadruple homicide-suicide.

According to the Uniontown Police Department, officers were called to the 13000 block of Carnation Avenue around 7:30 p.m. for a wellness check.

They found 5 household members dead inside the house when officers got there.

Kid left in daycare van for 6 hours.

Steve Irwin, press secretary for the Ohio Attorney General, verified the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation's Crime Scene Unit was requested to help Uniontown police officers in collecting and documenting proof.


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