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Mama bear, 4 cubs captured on video in area

Mama bear, 4 cubs captured on video in area

It's not every day you catch video of a mother bear and her 4 cubs, however a North Carolina realtor says it's a sight that occurs more frequently than you 'd expect.
Chris Fundanish, a realtor with Mountain Oak Properties, got his phone to capture the moment recently near Asheville.


" I was fulfilling a client and turned to leave the cars and truck when suddenly I saw them," Fundanish said. "I believed, 'I got ta get this on video.' I whipped out my phone and let nature take its course."
The video reveals the mother bear with a cub in her mouth and 3 other cubs lumbering down the street in the western North Carolina area.

Fundanish stated bear sightings are quite typical and something he approximates he has actually seen in between 25 and 30 times a year given that he moved to Asheville in 2013.

" That's one of the cool things about living in this area," he said. "If you search a map to see how close this happened to the center of downtown, it's that proximity to nature that is one of the very best parts of living here."

Fundanish advises everybody to be "bear mindful,", especially at this time of year.
" It's their home and their environment, so we have to take care of it and keep them safe," he stated.

Woman records bear drinking soda after smashing her car window

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Deer killed

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Black bear

; after & #x 20; smashing & #x 20; her & #x 20; vehicle & #x 20; window" > Caught on cam: Woman records bear drinking soda after smashing her cars and truck window < img class="lazyload lazyload-in-view" data-src="https://kubrick.htvapps.com/htv-prod-media.s3.amazonaws.com/images/deer-killed-at-wnc-nature-center-jpg-643d63a88292e.jpg?crop=0.861xw:1.00xh;0.0705xw,0&resize=136:*" alt="Deer & #x 20; killed & #x 20;" title="deer & #x 20; eliminated" > Deer that appeared in Oscar-winning film among 2 killed by bear at nature center < img class="lazyload lazyload-in-view" data-src="https://kubrick.htvapps.com/vidthumb/23fcb238-81a6-441d-9e3d-c9506b8a1286/c1e2876a-795b-44f9-9661-5bd315f72cb4.jpg?crop=0.747xw:0.746xh;0.0721xw,0.0427xh&resize=136:*" alt="Black & #x 20; bear" title="black & #x 20; bear" > Security camera catches bear breaking into household ' s sun porch


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